Volkswagen Group Rus launches car subscription services

  • Volkswagen Group Rus will launch car subscription services in cooperation with BelkaCar
  • At the initial stage, customers will be able to subscribe for a car for one year
  • The first services will be launched in April 2021

Moscow, March 30, 2021 — Volkswagen Group Rus announces the launch of subscription services for its car brands in a strategic partnership with BelkaCar. The aim of the initiative is to create new mobility services for the company’s current and potential customers. At the launch stage, subscribers will be able to take a car for one year, and short-term rates are expected to be introduced in the future.

The service powered by Volkswagen Group Rus and BelkaCar will allow customers to use vehicles with maximum benefits from ownership, but without the commitments associated with its maintenance. Clients will receive cars ready to use with a full package of services: the subscription price will include compulsory insurance, KASKO insurance, regular technical inspections, seasonal tire replacement and storage, car delivery to the client, as well as repairs in case of an accident, roadside assistance and a replacement car for the period of maintenance. The car in subscription can be driven everywhere in the Russian Federation (with handover and return in Moscow only).

Subscription services are becoming a promising alternative to traditional car ownership and will be attractive to those who share the values of collaborative consumption, do not want to waste time on purchase, sale and service issues, or prefer to change cars regularly to have the most recent technologies available. Stefan Mecha, CEO of Volkswagen Group Rus, said: «Development of technologies and changes in consumers’ behavior create opportunities for new business models. More and more often clients prefer alternative ways of owning a car that entail more convenience and greater mobility. That is why Volkswagen Group Rus is committed to offering them convenient, thoughtful and affordable services. We are confident that the mobility programs offered together with our partner BelkaCar will find their customers and provide them a completely new and attractive level of interaction with our brands».

Volkswagen Group Rus brings together the work of the seven brands of Volkswagen Group that are available on the Russian market — Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ducati and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. The brands which provide car subscription services will be announced in the nearest time.