Satisfaction index among employees of Volkswagen Group Rus shows strong growth in 2020

Moscow/Kaluga, February 4, 2021 — The Volkswagen Group Rus employees participated in a large-scale survey Stimmungsbarometer, which is held annually among all the companies and locations of the Volkswagen Group worldwide. Even though Covid-19 brought massive challenges to all employees, the results have shown that the most of the employees in Russia are very satisfied with their work in Volkswagen Group Rus and shared their positive feedback on the working environment in the company. Moreover, the employees agreed that Volkswagen Group Rus demonstrated improvement in such important areas as integrity and compliance, and thus moving forward to its strategic goal of being a Top Employer in Russia.

Employee satisfaction is one of the most important factors for the Volkswagen Group Rus. Stimmungsbarometer is a tool designed to receive anonymous feedback from the employees on how they feel themselves working in the company, how they evaluate the atmosphere in the company and how they think their input is appreciated. The survey provides a base for launching improvement measures in all divisions and to initiating a dialogue with employees. In Russia, the survey is held in all three locations, in Kaluga, Nizhny Novgorod and Moscow, and despite all the challenges of the year caused by Covid-19 pandemic, satisfaction index significantly increased in 2020. 

General Director of Volkswagen Group Rus Stefan Mecha said: «I’m very proud to know that our employees enjoy working in the company, highly evaluate the team spirit and cooperation between the departments, and are ready to recommend Volkswagen Group Rus as an employer to their families and friends. In spite of the challenges of Covid-19 pandemic, our employees noted sustainable positive improvements within the last year, and highlighted that company provides opportunities for professional growth.»

Dr. Gerrit Spengler, Human Resources Director at Volkswagen Group Rus, added: «People are our greatest asset, so I am happy that we managed to improve the employee satisfaction index in such a tough year. It means that we managed to give our employees the sense of security with all the protective measures that we implemented at the production sites and in our offices, such as timely information, wearing masks, providing medical care and coronavirus testing. Moreover, we developed new digital tools to ensure successful and effective remote work of our employees and to provide the best possible collaboration between teams. I believe that all these measures had a significant impact on the working atmosphere at Volkswagen Group Rus and helped to make a step forward in achieving our strategic goal of being the most attractive employer in Russia.»

The overall index is calculated from the answers to more than 20 questions. The questions asked in the Volkswagen Stimmungsbarometer are addressed to employees and managers of around 170 Group companies over all Group brands. Participation is voluntary and respondents’ anonymity is ensured.