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Together with our components’ suppliers we carry the responsibility for our product highest quality standards. At the same time we are committed to the best price and quality ratio.

Volkswagen Group Rus is highly interested in increasing of localization level and in expanding of the suppliers’ base in Russia in order to reduce the logistics and production costs. Localization level is constantly increasing due to the localization of both components and raw materials production (locally produced steel and some types of plastic).

We cooperate with international partners and also with Russian producers. There is a supplier park in proximity of the plant in the industrial area Grabtsevo, and we provide support to the Government of the Kaluga region in finding the investors and tenants for the technopark. Also we are interested in cooperation with other manufacturers based in Russian Federation.

Volkswagen Group Rus actively invite the suppliers of components for engine production: the production of the cylinder block and the cylinder head is localized by the one of the company’s suppliers in Russia, and the Russian aluminum is used in the manufacturing process. Volkswagen Group Rus is looking for the new suppliers and works to localize the production of additional units and parts for the local engine.

Our procurement team engages in purchasing of the automotive components, raw materials, industrial machinery, producer goods and services.

The platform for cooperation and communication with our suppliers: