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Environmental policy of the Volkswagen Group Rus

Volkswagen makes environmentally efficient and advanced technologies available worldwide and applies these across the entire life cycle of its products. As a partner in politics and of society, Volkswagen is involved in the creation of social, environmentally sustainable and positive development. As a company of the Volkswagen, the vehicle plant of the Volkswagen Group Rus carries responsibility to continuously improve the environmental compatibility of its products as well as to reduce its demand for natural resources, taking into account economic consideration.

Environmental policy based on the next principles:

Orientation to customers

Volkswagen Group Rus offer high-quality products that measure up to the demands of its customers equally for quality, safety, economics, comfort and environmental compatibility.

Observance of the laws and environmental risks minimization

For the Volkswagen Group Rus it’s important to abide by environmental laws which are in effect, regulations and conditions imposed on it by authorities and that it puts preventive safeguards into place in case of disruptions.

Minimum environmental effects

The Volkswagen Group Rus utilizes applied energies and used materials for production as efficiently as possible in order to have as little impact on the environment as possible and in order to conserve resources.

Continuous improvement process

The environmental management of the Volkswagen Group Rus ensures together with its suppliers, service providers and retail partners that the environmental compatibility of the manufacturing location is subject to a continuous improvement process based on environmental policy.

Efficiency control of the environmental management

The business management of the Volkswagen Group Rus regularly monitors its compliance with the environmental policy and its goals such as the functional ability of the environmental management system. This includes the evaluation of recorded data that is relevant to the environment.

Information availability

Accessible and clear information as well as the communication with customers, dealerships and the general public is self-evident for the Volkswagen Group Rus. The cooperation in politics and with authorities is based on a basic action-oriented and trusting position.

Environmental responsibility

All employees of the Volkswagen Group Rus are accordingly informed, qualified and motivated about their tasks in protecting the environment. They are bound by these implemented principles as well as by the fulfilment of legal requirements and regulations within their individual tasks.

Information on the scope of the environmental management system at Volkswagen Group Rus Kaluga is available at the following address