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About the Kaluga plant

The plant of Volkswagen Group Rus is located in the industrial park Grabtsevo in Kaluga, approximately 170 km southwest of Moscow. There are the automobile plant of Volkswagen and Skoda and the 1.6 MPI engine production (EA211 Series).

Nowadays Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Polo and ŠKODA Rapid are being produced at the plant in Kaluga, its maximum capacity is 225 000 vehicles per year. Capacity of the new modern engine plant in Kaluga is 150 000 engines per year.


2006, October 28 Laying the foundation stone in the construction of the plant
2007, November 28 Opening of the plant and launch of the SKD production
2009, October 20 Start of a full cycle production, including welding and painting factory (Volkswagen Tiguan and ŠKODA Octavia)
2010, May Full cycle production of Volkswagen Polo begins
2010, December 8 200,000th vehicle produced
2011, October 14 300,000th vehicle produced (Volkswagen Polo)
2012, August 28 Signing of the agreement on the engine plant construction
2012, November 21 500,000th vehicle produced
2012, December 11 Laying the foundation stone in the construction of the engine plant
2013, June 6 600,000th vehicle produced since the opening of the plant and 400,000th vehicle produced by a full cycle
2013, November 26 700,000th vehicle produced since the opening of the plant
2014, February Full cycle production of ŠKODA Rapid begins
2014, March 3 Construction of the new body shop
2015, September 4 Launch of the 1.6 MPI engine (EA 211 series) plant
2016, February 26 1 000 000th vehicle produced
2016, September 23 100,000th 1.6 MPI engine of EA211 series produced
2016, November 21 Full cycle production of the new Volkswagen Tiguan begins. The new body shop was opened
2017, March 27 400 000th Volkswagen Polo produced in Kaluga
2017, June 29 Start of new ŠKODA Rapid production in Kaluga
2017, October 10th anniversary of local production in Russia
2017, October 5 200,000th 1.6 MPI engine of EA211 series produced since the launch of the engine production
2017, October 16 100,000th ŠKODA Rapid produced in Kaluga

The Director of automobile plant is Dr. Oliver Grünberg, the head of engine production is Szollar Lajos.