Volkswagen Group Rus brings together the work of the seven brands of the Volkswagen Group that are available on the Russian market — Volkswagen, Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, ŠKODA, Audi, Lamborghini, Bentley and Ducati.

Starting from November 2007, Volkswagen Group Rus has been manufacturing automobiles in Kaluga. In 2009, full cycle production was launched. In 2011, Volkswagen Group Rus and GAZ Group signed an agreement for the contract assembly of Volkswagen and ŠKODA automobiles at the GAZ plant in Nizhny Novgorod

At the moment, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Polo and ŠKODA RAPID are being produced at the plant in Kaluga. A full cycle production of Volkswagen Taos, ŠKODA KODIAQ, ŠKODA KAROQ and ŠKODA OCTAVIA is organized at GAZ. In 2015 the new engine plant was launched in Kaluga. Its maximum production capacity is 150,000 engines per year. Volkswagen Group is committed to the Russian market and is consecutively fulfilling its investment program in Russia. With a total investment of 206 billion rubles in its business in Russia, Volkswagen Group became one of the largest foreign investors in the Russian automotive industry.


Volkswagen Group Rus Brands

Moscow branch

Volkswagen Group Rus Executive Management

Gerrit Spengler
General Director
  • Studied at University of Munich (LMU) and E.M. Lyon Business School
  • In 2005 started working for BMW Group in Organization & Inhouse Consulting
  • In 2008 joined the Management Consultancy Oliver Wyman (former Mercer)
  • In 2011 moved to MAN Financial Services as Head of Process Management
  • In 2013 appointed Head of Group Organization Development for MAN Truck & Bus AG / MAN SE
  • In 2016 joined Volkswagen AG as Head of Group Organization for Central functions, focusing among others on Human Resources and Region Russia and CIS
  • Since 2019 was leading Volkswagen Group HR International, focusing on various fields of international Human Resource Management
  • In 2020 becomes Human Resources&Organization of Volkswagen Group Rus
  • In September 2022 becomes General Director of Volkswagen Group Rus
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Mission Statement Environment

For all our products and mobility solutions we aspire to minimize environmental impacts along the entire lifecycle — from raw material extraction until end-of-life — in order to keep ecosystems intact and to create positive impacts on society.

Compliance with environmental regulations, standards and voluntary commitments is a basic prerequisite of our actions.

The VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO recognizes the Mission statement environment 'Go to Zero' of the VOLKSWAGEN Group and by its own measures — at the level of the Russian Federation and CIS countries — contributes to achieving the global VOLKSWAGEN Group goals for the four priority global activities of the VOLKSWAGEN Group.

Mission 'Go to Zero':

  • Climate change
    By 2025, we as VOLKSWAGEN Group plan to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions from our cars and light commercial vehicles throughout their entire life cycle by 30% compared to 2015.
  • Resources
    We intend to maximize the efficiency of the use of natural resources and accelerate the transition to the secondary use of raw materials, energy and water. By 2025, we as the VOLKSWAGEN Group plan to reduce the negative impact of production on the environment at the global level (CO2 emissions, the use of energy, water, waste, volatile organic compounds) by 45% per one car produced compared to 2010.
  • Air quality
    In order to improve air quality, we as VOLKSWAGEN Group accelerate the transition to electric car. By 2025, the share of battery electric vehicles in the model range of VOLKSWAGEN Group will be from 20 to 25% worldwide. By 2030, the share of electric vehicles in the fleet of new VOLKSWAGEN Group cars in Europe and China should grow to at least 40%.
  • Environmental compliance
    As VOLKSWAGEN Group we aim to become a role model for a modern, open and succesful enterprise in terms of integrity by introducing and regularly monitoring effective management systems that minimize the negative impact on the environment of our mobility services at all stages of our product life cycle.
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Environmental Policy

The VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO produces motor vehicles and engines at the Kaluga location (Russian Federation) and in contract manufacturing at the Nizhny Novgorod (Russian Federation) site as a company of the VOLKSWAGEN Group, which aims to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility and a model for the protection of our environment. We are aware of our responsibility for the environment and all the related environmental and social impacts that accompany our actions. We use our globally networked innovative strength to reduce our ecological footprint. The company is committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of its products and services. Environmental compatibility also includes improving resource efficiency, energy consumption including CO2 emissions, e.g. by using low-carbon energy sources, the improvement of energy efficiency of production and minimizing pollutant emissions. We are meeting the challenges over the entire life cycle of our mobility offers within the scope of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO.

In order to specify our overarching "Environmental Mission Statement", VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO is committed to the following core statements. The energy policy statement aspects are included in this environmental policy statement:

Principles of Environmental Policy:

  • Leadership
  • The executives of all organizational levels and in all brands and directorates of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO are aware of the environmental risks arising from their business activities. Through word and deed, they reinforce their commitment and their attitude towards legal and company-compliant action and the acceptance of their role model function for the environment. They are responsible for ensuring that the requirements described in this environmental policy statement are implemented and complied with in their area of responsibility.

    All managers ensure that all employees are informed, qualified and accountable for the tasks assigned to them. Within their area of responsibility, managers create an appropriate framework in which employees and business partners can communicate particular sensitive environmental issues openly and without fear of negative consequences ("Speak Up" culture). The management of the VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO give equal consideration to the environment in important corporate decisions along with other criteria relevant to the company.

  • Compliance
  • We comply with legal and statutory requirements and are guided by our organizational standards and objectives. Our environmental compliance management systems ensure that ecological aspects and obligations within our business activities are recognized and appropriately taken into account. Environmental violations, environment-related misconduct and intentional disregard or deception (fraud) are treated as non-compliance in accordance with our organizational guidelines. The compliance of our actions with the requirements of this environmental policy statement and other environmentally related organizational guidelines is evaluated annually and reported to the Board of Management of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO.

  • Protecting our environment
  • Environmental protection at VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO is designed in a holistic manner to reduce environmental risks and seize opportunities for protecting our environment. This includes the integration of various measures, including decarbonisation, resource efficiency and sustainable supply chains. The company is committed to the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of its business activities while taking into account economically sustainable feasibility. In order to demonstrate that we have achieved our goals within the framework of the "TRANSFORM 2025+" brand strategy and the overarching "TOGETHER - Strategy 2025+", we regularly disclose key environmental performance indicators (KPI) and report transparently on the progress of our efforts.

  • Cooperation with stakeholders
  • Transparent and credible information as well as open dialogue and proactive work with our stakeholders, including employees, customers, authorities, business partners and others, are a matter of course and important for the VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO. We would like to improve our understanding of their expectations and requirements in the environmental field. The suggestions are incorporated into our environmental compliance management system, are carefully evaluated and are reflected within various aspects of our business activities. We provide comprehensible and reliable information in our reports and in our communication with stakeholders.

  • Continuous improvement
  • VOLKSKWAGEN Group Rus OOO has implemented an internationally recognized environmental management system, validated by independent experts, for the continuous improvement of the environmental impact of its own processes and production facilities. This ensures that environmental requirements are implemented in our core business activities and in our decision-making. We use our global network of experts from the Group and locations worldwide to identify and make available the best possible and best practices in environmental technologies and environmental management. The VOLKSKWAGEN Group Rus OOO as a company of the VOLKSWAGEN Group is a participant of the integrated Group certification of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand. We take a leading role with regard to emerging environmental developments and regulations in science and technology. We strive to exceed our goals and the expectations placed on us.

    The VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO reviews this environmental policy statement for relevance at least once a year and continuously monitors compliance within the company. Relevance and compliance is documented by means of the annual management review.

Environmental policy based on the next principles




We believe that only with lasting, dependable integrity and compliant behavior will our Company gain and strengthen the trust of its staff, customers, shareholders, business partners and the general public. The aim of the VW Konzern worldwide is to become a role model when it comes to integrity and compliance.

For us, living integrity means doing the right thing in a professional context on the basis of our own convictions even if no one is looking. This means complying with our Group Essentials and the ethical principles established therein and behaving correctly in accordance with rules. This also includes the steadfastness needed to adhere to these principles – regardless of economic and social pressure.

Integrity is the maxim for our actions and complements compliance, which ensures that all processes and decisions within our company comply with the relevant rules. Together, they shape our corporate culture.

Integrity is a core element of professional conduct for us and this is the only thing we aim for: to do the right thing in a given situation.

Acting with integrity is an established part of new Group Strategy 2030 and is thus on par with the quality of our products, our financial KPIs and the satisfaction of our customers.

As the basis for running our business, integrity must impact all levels. This means integrity is an obligatory criterion for all the Board of Management’s decisions. Integrity is also a criterion that is used in the recruitment process and in the personnel development of managers and supervisors.

You will find further information regarding the topic Integrity at VW Group under the following link: https://www.volkswagenag.com/en/sustainability/integrity.html

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Our Whistleblower system

Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules, and the principles laid down in our Code of Conduct and the Code of Conduct for Business Partners, has top priority at VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus (“VGR”). The success of our company is based on Integrity and Compliance. To meet these standards, it is important to learn of potential employee or supplier misconduct and to put a stop to it. That calls for vigilance on the part of everyone along with a willingness to draw attention to possible Serious Regulatory Violations on the basis of Reasonable Suspicion.

In order to comply with Russian legislation, the Compliance department of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus is charged with maintaining the internal points of contact for reporting Regulatory Violations with a special focus on Serious Regulatory Violations in relation to our Company potential employee or supplier misconduct and to conduct a primary review of received reports.

A key pillar of our Whistleblower System is the principle of procedural fairness. It also guarantees the greatest possible protection (in the sense of unbiased consideration of the case in professional, neutral manner and strict compliance with the rules of the procedure) for whistleblowers, Persons Implicated and employees contributing to the investigation of reported misconduct.

This also includes offering opportunities for anonymous reporting and communication. We assure not to perform any steps in order to identify anonymous whistleblowers, who do not misuse our Whistleblower System. Retaliation of whistleblowers and all persons who contribute to investigations at VGR will not be tolerated. Persons implicated are presumed innocent until the violation is proven. Investigations will be conducted with the utmost confidentiality. The information will be processed in a fair, fast and protected process.

How do we process your report?

The qualified and experienced colleagues of VGR Compliance department examine every report for potential misconduct by a VGR employee thoroughly and follow it up systematically. First, you will get a confirmation of receipt. The VGR Compliance department then assesses your report. This includes gathering facts particularly from the whistleblower. Only if this initial evaluation shows grounds for suspicion of a violation an investigation by a dedicated Investigating Unit will be started. Afterwards, the results of the investigation will be jointly assessed by VGR Compliance department and VGR Ethics Committee and appropriate measures will be recommended. Information about the status* and the outcome of the procedure will be given to you without undue delay.

Potential violations of the Code of Conduct for Business Partners by suppliers, including serious risks and violations of human rights and environment by direct and indirect suppliers, can also be reported to VGR Compliance department - as well as reports requiring otherwise immediate action. VGR Compliance department will inform the responsible departments, who will process the issue accordingly. This particularly includes taking the necessary measures to minimize or end violations and/or risks.

* The processing time varies depending on the subject of the procedure

Serious Regulatory Violation is:

  • Any act or omission that significantly affects the interests of VGR, the Volkswagen Group or one of its group companies, in particular interests of reputation or financial interests, or
  • that significantly violates the ethical values of VGR

Strong indications of a Serious Regulatory Violation i.a. include:

  • Involvement of upper management and above
  • Severe company sanctions (e.g., substantial fines, suspension of licenses for business operations)
  • Violations of antitrust law and competition law
  • Money laundering and terrorism financing
  • Violations of product safety and technical requirements regulations
  • Criminal offences, in particular, economic, corruption, tax and environmental crimes
  • Violations of human rights

The following is always considered as an Serious Regulatory Violation by VW Group Whistleblower policy:

  • Violations of regulations prohibiting the discrimination of whistleblowers
  • Manager’s failure to report on a Serious Regulatory Violation
  • Abuse of the Whistleblower System by knowingly making false accusations
  • Violations of US environmental regulations

Do you have any concern or feedback regarding VGR product or service?

If you have any questions or inquiries regarding your new or used vehicle of the brands represented in Russia by VGR or feedback or complaints about services provided by VGR, please contact our Applicable Customer Care Contact (see contact details here). We kindly ask for your understanding that the Whistleblower System unfortunately cannot process customer complaints.

Making a report to our Whistleblower System

The Whistleblower System offers various channels to report potential employee misconduct that allow a swift review and reaction by our company if necessary.

Reports to the Volkswagen Group Whistleblower System channels locally available in Russia can be made at any time in Russian and English to the following channels:

Postal address
Russia 117485, Moscow, Obrucheva street 30/1, to the attention of the Compliance Officer of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus LLC, particularly to allow anonymous reporting

Main contact: whistleblower@volkswagen.ru

The Whistleblower System guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and Persons Implicated, namely: an investigation is only initiated after very careful examination of the facts and Reasonable Suspicion of a Regulatory Violation. There will be strict confidentiality and secrecy throughout the investigative process. Information will be reviewed fairly, promptly and in a sensitive manner.

If you have any information about potential compliance issues concerning the interests of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO (such as corruption, conflicts of interests, environmental violations with criminal liability, antitrust law violations) we ask you to report to the aforementioned channels. When reporting your instance, the following question may help to structure the information properly:

  • Who committed a Regulatory Violation?
  • What exactly happened?
  • When a Regulatory Violation was committed?
  • How was it committed?
  • Where was it committed?

Do you have further questions?

Questions or suggestions for improvement concerning the Whistleblower System can also be addressed to the aforementioned channels.

Our Whistleblower system