Volkswagen Group Rus implements the first pilot project within the StartUp Rally platform

  • Volkswagen Group Rus unveils the first pilot project within its own startup platform designed to support innovative projects and form ways to expand its own business in an unstable economic situation.
  • The first “Travel Routes with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles” project is implemented in cooperation with Road.Trave.
  • For several months since StartUp Rally's launch more than 50 promising startups have applied for participation in the program, the collection of applications continues.

Moscow, October 22, 2020 – Volkswagen Group Rus announces the launch of the first pilot project within its own startup platform StartUp Rally. The project is named “Travel Routes with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles”. It is implemented jointly with Road.Travel company and is designed to provide customers with a brand new level of interaction with the brand's vehicles.

Launched in summer 2020, StartUp Rally platform aims to find and support new initiatives that can make a significant difference to the automotive industry. The project provides a unique op-portunity for young companies to introduce a new product or service and become a local partner of Volkswagen Group. Within the framework of the first project created together with Road.Travel, unique travel routes including landmarks, natural objects and places of entertainment and recreation were developed for Volkswagen Amarok, Volkswagen Multivan and Volkswagen Caddy. All routes accommodate individual characteristics of the models and their owners’ interests and are located on the territory of Moscow and the Moscow Region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, as well as Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Krai.

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Lars Himmer, Managing Director with responsibility for Group Sales, Marketing and Aftersales, commented: “Cooperation of Volkswagen Group Rus with Road.Travel has confirmed our company's intentions to support innovative projects and stimulate the development of the automotive industry during economic instability. We note great enthusiasm and high qualifications of young Russian entrepreneurs. Via StartUp Rally platform we give them a chance to show their worth at a whole new level in working with a corporate client. Thus, a synergistic effect is achieved from the cooperation of high-tech startups that quickly adapt to modern realities with the world's largest automotive concern, which has a rich history, an impressive number of engineering solutions and a large team of specialists. Moreover, such cooperation allows us to respond quickly and efficiently to the constantly changing, but invariably high demands of the market and our customers."

Founded in 2018, Road.Travel is a marketplace of original routes for self-guided road travels, which provides a technological platform for their creation and publication. The platform is available to users around the world and offers them a variety of functions – from creating and distributing their own routes, taking into account recommendations of sights, establishments and accommodation facilities, to selecting ready-made routes optimized for a specific budget and booking all the services included in them. While evaluating Road.Travel’s application within the StartUp Rally, Volkswagen Group Rus experts noted startup’s interesting technological solutions and special relevance of domestic tourism.

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“For us, participation in StartUp Rally was a chance to demonstrate our ambitious product to specialists and top managers of Volkswagen Group Rus, get their expert opinion and receive support that is so important for a young company,” said Nikita Dedik, CEO and Founder of Road. Travel. “By using an adapted platform, original route concepts and a non-standard approach to travel in Russia, our joint project is designed to bring inspiration to travels by Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, which are literally created for adventures in large companies.”

Since the launch of StartUp Rally platform, Volkswagen Group Rus specialists have received more than 50 applications for cooperation from young companies developing projects in the sphere of Industry 4.0, as well as specializing in data analysis, after-sales services, etc. Volkswagen Group Rus is also interested in cooperation with startups developing projects in the areas of e-commerce, office management, ed-tech and other non-standard areas for the automotive market.

The process of working with an application includes several stages: processing, evaluation and three pitches, as well as piloting in order to test the technological solution quickly.  If a decision on a joint project is made, it can be implemented in just a few months. Volkswagen Group Rus provides all-round support to promising startups: it gives the opportunity to interact with leading market experts or become a strategic partner of the company. The collection of applications for participation in StartUp Rally continues on the platform's official website.