Volkswagen Group Rus celebrates production of the 600,000th engine at Kaluga plant

  • A new record was set just five years after the start of engine production at the Volkswagen Group Rus plant in Kaluga
  • Engines manufactured at the plant are installed in 3 locally produced models
  • The plant is producing engines for both local and export markets

Kaluga, July 13, 2020 – The Volkswagen Group Rus engine manufacturing plant in Kaluga has reached a new record: the 600,000th 1.6 MPI gasoline engine of EA211 series was produced. This result was achieved thanks to the high efficiency of production processes as well as the high demand on this engine among the Russian clients.

Stefan Depka, Technical Director of Volkswagen Group Rus, comments: “A large team of Volkswagen Group Rus specialists worked hard to help us accomplish this impressive result. We are incredibly proud of the success of all the staff of the plant in Kaluga, who maintain the highest level of efficiency and quality at this production site at all times. We are also grateful to our customers for their trust and high interest in our products."

A new production record of 600,000 engines was set in just five years since the opening of the Russian plant in Kaluga. This result was achieved despite the latest obstacles related to the Covid-19, thanks to a high level of production efficiency and the use of modern technological processes which enable to manufacture reliable and high-quality engines.

In 2019, 143,500 1.6 MPI EA211 series units were produced at the Volkswagen Group Rus engine plant. Engines produced in Kaluga are installed on three locally-made models – ones of the most popular among the Russian clients – Volkswagen Polo, Škoda Rapid and Škoda Octavia. The Kaluga plant produces 1.6 MPI gasoline engines of the EA211 series in two versions – 90 hp and 110 hp.

Engines manufactured in Kaluga are used not only in the local market but are also exported to production sites around the world. As a result of a streamlined supply chain, Russian-made engines are delivered to Germany, Mexico, Spain, Poland and other countries. At the end of last year, total exports amounted to 24,000 engines.

The Volkswagen Group Rus plant is situated in the Grabtsevo technology park in the city of Kaluga, 170 km southwest of Moscow. An automobile production and an engine production plant located at this site exercise strict quality control and undertake thorough testing and trials.