Volkswagen Group Rus brings together the work of the seven brands of the Volkswagen Group that are available on the Russian market — Volkswagen, Audi, ŠKODA, Bentley, Lamborghini, Ducati and Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. Starting from November 2007, Volkswagen Group Rus has been manufacturing automobiles in Kaluga. In 2009, full cycle production was launched. In 2011, Volkswagen Group Rus and GAZ Group signed an agreement for the contract assembly of Volkswagen and ŠKODA automobiles at the GAZ plant in Nizhny Novgorod

At the moment, Volkswagen Tiguan, Volkswagen Polo and ŠKODA RAPID are being produced at the plant in Kaluga. A full cycle production of ŠKODA OCTAVIA, ŠKODA KODIAQ and ŠKODA KAROQ is organized at GAZ. In 2015 the new engine plant was launched in Kaluga. Its maximum production capacity is 150,000 engines per year. Volkswagen Group is committed to the Russian market and is consecutively fulfilling its investment program in Russia. With a total investment of 2 billion euros in its business in Russia, Volkswagen Group became one of the largest foreign investors in the Russian automotive industry.


Volkswagen Group Rus Brands

Moscow branch

Management Volkswagen Group Rus

Marcus Osegowitsch
General Director of Volkswagen Group Rus
  • Technical University Munich (TUM) Master in Electronic Engineering (Dipl._Ing)
  • London Business School (LBS) Master of Business Administration (MBA)
  • In 1996 he started working for the Andersen Consulting in their Management Consulting division
  • Since 2001 he has been a Managing Partner at Accenture (previously Andersen Consulting), responsible for the Automotive and Industrial Goods Strategy Division in Germany
  • In 2003 he started working at BBDO Consulting as Managing Partner
  • In 2006 he joined the Volkswagen Group as Head of Department of strategic planning in Volkswagen Genuine Parts
  • Starting in 2007 he headed the global network of original spare parts supplies for all brands of the Volkswagen Group
  • In 2010 he was appointed Managing Director of the Volkswagen Group NSC Moscow
  • Since 2011, he is holding the positions of General Director of Volkswagen Group Rus and Managing Director of NSC Moscow
  • From 2017 on, he holds the additional responsibility as Volkswagen Group Responsible for Russia and CIS
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Mission Statement Environment

For all our products and mobility solutions we aspire to minimize environmental impacts along the entire lifecycle — from raw material extraction until end-of-life — in order to keep ecosystems intact and to create positive impacts on society.

Compliance with environmental regulations, standards and voluntary commitments is a basic prerequisite of our actions.

The VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO recognizes the Mission statement environment 'Go to Zero' of the VOLKSWAGEN Group and by its own measures — at the level of the Russian Federation and CIS countries — contributes to achieving the global VOLKSWAGEN Group goals for the four priority global activities of the VOLKSWAGEN Group.

Mission 'Go to Zero':

  • Climate change
    By 2025, we as VOLKSWAGEN Group plan to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions from our cars and light commercial vehicles throughout their entire life cycle by 30% compared to 2015.
  • Resources
    We intend to maximize the efficiency of the use of natural resources and accelerate the transition to the secondary use of raw materials, energy and water. By 2025, we as the VOLKSWAGEN Group plan to reduce the negative impact of production on the environment at the global level (CO2 emissions, the use of energy, water, waste, volatile organic compounds) by 45% per one car produced compared to 2010.
  • Air quality
    In order to improve air quality, we as VOLKSWAGEN Group accelerate the transition to electric car. By 2025, the share of battery electric vehicles in the model range of VOLKSWAGEN Group will be from 20 to 25% worldwide. By 2030, the share of electric vehicles in the fleet of new VOLKSWAGEN Group cars in Europe and China should grow to at least 40%.
  • Environmental compliance
    As VOLKSWAGEN Group we aim to become a role model for a modern, open and succesful enterprise in terms of integrity by introducing and regularly monitoring effective management systems that minimize the negative impact on the environment of our mobility services at all stages of our product life cycle.
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Environmental Policy

The VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO produces motor vehicles and engines at the Kaluga location (Russian Federation) and in contract manufacturing at the Nizhny Novgorod (Russian Federation) site as a company of the VOLKSWAGEN Group, which aims to become a leading provider of sustainable mobility and a model for the protection of our environment. We are aware of our responsibility for the environment and all the related environmental and social impacts that accompany our actions. We use our globally networked innovative strength to reduce our ecological footprint. The company is committed to continuously improving the environmental performance of its products and services. Environmental compatibility also includes improving resource efficiency, energy consumption including CO2 emissions, e.g. by using low-carbon energy sources, the improvement of energy efficiency of production and minimizing pollutant emissions. We are meeting the challenges over the entire life cycle of our mobility offers within the scope of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO.

In order to specify our overarching "Environmental Mission Statement", VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO is committed to the following core statements. The energy policy statement aspects are included in this environmental policy statement:

Principles of Environmental Policy:

  • Leadership
  • The executives of all organizational levels and in all brands and directorates of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO are aware of the environmental risks arising from their business activities. Through word and deed, they reinforce their commitment and their attitude towards legal and company-compliant action and the acceptance of their role model function for the environment. They are responsible for ensuring that the requirements described in this environmental policy statement are implemented and complied with in their area of responsibility.

    All managers ensure that all employees are informed, qualified and accountable for the tasks assigned to them. Within their area of responsibility, managers create an appropriate framework in which employees and business partners can communicate particular sensitive environmental issues openly and without fear of negative consequences ("Speak Up" culture). The management of the VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO give equal consideration to the environment in important corporate decisions along with other criteria relevant to the company.

  • Compliance
  • We comply with legal and statutory requirements and are guided by our organizational standards and objectives. Our environmental compliance management systems ensure that ecological aspects and obligations within our business activities are recognized and appropriately taken into account. Environmental violations, environment-related misconduct and intentional disregard or deception (fraud) are treated as non-compliance in accordance with our organizational guidelines. The compliance of our actions with the requirements of this environmental policy statement and other environmentally related organizational guidelines is evaluated annually and reported to the Board of Management of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO.

  • Protecting our environment
  • Environmental protection at VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO is designed in a holistic manner to reduce environmental risks and seize opportunities for protecting our environment. This includes the integration of various measures, including decarbonisation, resource efficiency and sustainable supply chains. The company is committed to the continuous improvement of the environmental performance of its business activities while taking into account economically sustainable feasibility. In order to demonstrate that we have achieved our goals within the framework of the "TRANSFORM 2025+" brand strategy and the overarching "TOGETHER - Strategy 2025+", we regularly disclose key environmental performance indicators (KPI) and report transparently on the progress of our efforts.

  • Cooperation with stakeholders
  • Transparent and credible information as well as open dialogue and proactive work with our stakeholders, including employees, customers, authorities, business partners and others, are a matter of course and important for the VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO. We would like to improve our understanding of their expectations and requirements in the environmental field. The suggestions are incorporated into our environmental compliance management system, are carefully evaluated and are reflected within various aspects of our business activities. We provide comprehensible and reliable information in our reports and in our communication with stakeholders.

  • Continuous improvement
  • VOLKSKWAGEN Group Rus OOO has implemented an internationally recognized environmental management system, validated by independent experts, for the continuous improvement of the environmental impact of its own processes and production facilities. This ensures that environmental requirements are implemented in our core business activities and in our decision-making. We use our global network of experts from the Group and locations worldwide to identify and make available the best possible and best practices in environmental technologies and environmental management. The VOLKSKWAGEN Group Rus OOO as a company of the VOLKSWAGEN Group is a participant of the integrated Group certification of the Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand. We take a leading role with regard to emerging environmental developments and regulations in science and technology. We strive to exceed our goals and the expectations placed on us.

    The VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO reviews this environmental policy statement for relevance at least once a year and continuously monitors compliance within the company. Relevance and compliance is documented by means of the annual management review.

Environmental policy based on the next principles


Please note that the issues related to the quality of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO products and after-sale support by authorized dealers will generally not be considered in the Whistleblower System. On the above-mentioned issues please contact through


Whistleblower system / Compliance hotline

Complying with statutory regulations and internal rules has top priority at Volkswagen. We can only avoid damage to our company, our employees and business partners if rules and standards are respected. Consequently, misconduct must be recognized swiftly, processed and immediately remedied.

That calls for vigilance on the part of everyone along with a willingness to draw attention to possible Serious Regulatory Violations on the basis of Reasonable Suspicion. We also value information of this nature from business partners, customers and other third parties.

In order to comply with Russian legislation, the Compliance department of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus is charged with maintaining the internal points of contact for reporting Regulatory Violations in relation to our Company and to conduct a primary review of received reports. Reports to the Volkswagen Group Whistleblower System channels locally available in Russia can be made at any time in Russian and English to the following channels:

Postal address
Russia 117485, Moscow, Obrucheva street 30/1, to the attention of the Compliance Officer of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus LLC, particularly to allow anonymous reporting

Main contact: whistleblower@volkswagen.ru

The Whistleblower System guarantees the greatest possible protection for whistleblowers and Persons Implicated, namely: an investigation is only initiated after very careful examination of the facts and Reasonable Suspicion of a Regulatory Violation. There will be strict confidentiality and secrecy throughout the investigative process. Information will be reviewed fairly, promptly and in a sensitive manner.

If you have any information about potential compliance issues concerning the interests of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO (such as corruption, conflicts of interests, environmental violations with criminal liability, antitrust law violations) we ask you to report to the aforementioned channels. When reporting your instance, the following question may help to structure the information properly:

  • Who committed a Regulatory Violation?
  • What exactly happened?
  • When a Regulatory Violation was committed?
  • How was it committed?
  • Where was it committed?

Please note that the issues related to the quality of VOLKSWAGEN Group Rus OOO products and after-sale support by authorized dealers will generally not be considered in the Whistleblower System. On the above-mentioned issues please contact through a brand’s hotline.